The Arizona Sun, a Job Site and a Road Trip.

“It’s back in 2006….the making of a video for our 25th Anniversary. I play the driver who picks up Wither’s Construction hitch hikers on the highway for a ‘ROAD TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE.’ 

Once they get in the car, we begin to reminisce about our construction past, how D.L.Withers got started and all our stories from the road. As we made the video we realized it was only partially scripted. The rest of it felt like friends sitting on a porch, laughing and remembering.”

“It’s no secret the success we enjoyed was the product of a very special group of people who came together to form a unique construction workplace. They genuinely cared about each other and the clients we served. We built a great portfolio of work and truly enjoyed our shared experiences… it was the best of times.

It’s been many years since that ‘Road Trip.’ Over time, D.L. Withers Construction has transitioned from a major force in the industry to a memory of what can be done by dedicated people.  I will always miss the great team we had assembled and those clients and contractors who became friends. 

To our construction partners and those behind the scenes that made everything possible.
WHAT A RIDE…. indeed.” 

Dan Withers